Contact Person: Amos Kasigi, Managing Director. Mob: +256 753 185 555, +256 708 153 244.

Established: 2007.

Profile Video:

Partners: Rootcapital, Operation Wealth Creation, USAID, Uganda Quality Coffee Traders’ & Processors’ Association, OikoCredit, aBi Development Ltd and UCDA e.t.c.

Description: The company processes and exports sundried and washed arabica from Bugisu and robusta from central, western and eastern region. It has an annual capacity of 12,000Metric Tonnes of coffee. Its coffee buyers are both local and international companies that exports ready and graded coffees such as Olam, UGACOF, TOUTON, Kyagalanyi Coffee, TRC Specialty Commodities, ENGELHART (ECTP) among others. It also deals in cocoa production for exporting in the European markets.

Description: Coffee processors, roasters and exporters.
Contact Person: Teddy Namaganda, AG. Executive Director and PA to Group CEO. Mob: +256 788 720 41...
Kampala 0.62 km
Uganda Cooperative Alliance (UCA) Ltd is an umbrella organization for all cooperatives in Uganda ...
Contact Person: Doreen Rweihangwe, President. Email: Contact...
Nakana Coffee Factory.logo.png
Contact Person: George William Kanooya. Description: coffee processor and exporter.
Contact Person: Cynthia, Operations Manager. Mob: +256 778 060 424, +256 709 729 818. Contact Per...
Reco Industries.logo.png
Description: coffee processor and exporter
Kampala 1.14 km
Literature on how to grow cocoa in Uganda (Webpage:
Kampala 1.24 km
Description: research development organization within agricultural sector including coffee.
Kampala/Nwoya 1.25 km
Contact Person: Brian Sengendo. Deals in soil sampling, analysis and testing for better productio...
Kampala 1.28 km
+256 772 505 619, +256 775 667 858+256 772 505 619, +256 775 667 858
Description: specialty coffee shop/cafe that also sells coffee making equipment
Established: 1997. Description: coffee processor and exporter.
Contact Person: Costantine Bwambale, Chairman. Mob: +256 772 482 248. Contact Person: Tantine Mas...
Kampala 1.43 km
+256 757 517 459+256 757 517 459
Contact Person: Stephen Sembuya Magulu, CEO. Description: the company produces locally made choco...
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