Contact Person: Costantine Bwambale, Chairman. Mob: +256 772 482 248.

Contact Person: Tantine Masika, Secretary. Mob: +256 779 777 252.

Established: 2001.

Partners: Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU).

Description: Association that deals in cocoa nursery seedlings, agro-inputs and seek markets for its members. Its aim is to improve the quality of cocoa being produced and increase the production and export volumes of cocoa from Uganda.

Established: 1997. Description: coffee processor and exporter.
Description: a global platform bringing together stakeholders in the coffee sector to address sus...
Kampala 0.31 km
Contact Person: Kabunga Daniel Kizito. Coffee processor and exporter
Reco Industries.logo.png
Description: coffee processor and exporter
Contact Person: Rose Kato Nakayenga. Founded: 1984. Description: coffee processor and exporter.
Contact Person: Gustav Gonget, Managing Director. Mob: +256 783 480 124. Email:
Kampala 0.36 km
+256 772 505 619, +256 775 667 858+256 772 505 619, +256 775 667 858
Deals in specialty coffee shop/cafe that also sells coffee making equipment
Kampala 0.37 km
Literature on how to grow cocoa in Uganda (Webpage:
Kampala 0.46 km
Contact Person: Perez Mugizi. Description: It processes and exports washed Arabica and natural Ro...
Description: Currently partnering with United States African Development Foundation (USADF) and G...
Kampala 0.54 km
Description: research development organization within agricultural sector including coffee.
Kampala 0.56 km
+256 757 517 459+256 757 517 459
Contact Person: Stephen Sembuya Magulu, CEO. Description: the company produces locally made choco...
Description: UCTF’s vision is to have sustainable coffee production and trade in Uganda and its m...
Kampala 0.63 km
Contact Person: Samuel N. Kamau, Executive Director. Contact Person: Kenneth M. Barigye, Uganda C...
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