Contact Person: Leopold Mumbere, Regional Coffee and Cocoa Director in East Africa. Mob: +243990 956 184. Email:

Contact Person: Stan Lietaer, Coffee and Cocoa Business Development (Uganda). Email:

Established in: 1958 under the name “Vredeseilenanden” in Belgium and since 1995 in Uganda under the name “VECO”.

Award: VUFO’s Certificate of Merit in 2021 (

Membership: Beyond Chocolate.

Partnership: Belgian Government, European Union, NAAC, AMEA, SHONA, DOEN foundation, Kyaninga Forest Foundation, SWT e.t.c.

Target beneficiaries: Smallholder coffee and cocoa farmers in Western Uganda (Albertine rift area).

Interest: To link up with all the relevant actors in coffee and cocoa, to see what is possible to contribute to sustainable growth in both value chains.

Description: Rikolto is an International NGO supporting smallholder farmers in different agricultural value chains,  including coffee and cocoa. In the region, we have experience in both crops in DRC, and are looking to start up activities in Uganda. Rikolto uses a holistic agroforestry approach, making the smallholder farmer a valuable and resilient part of the value chain. We strengthen their linkage to markets and financial services, while applying Inclusive Business principles. Resilience requires a focus on food security, climate change mitigation and financial literacy.