Contact Person: Jimmy Njoroge Kibinge. Country Director. Mob: +256 758 749 415. Email:

Contact Person: Ritah Masika, Finance and Admin Manager. Mob: +256 781 465 735.

Established: 2021.

Founder: Ben Carlson.

Partnership with: Mt. Rwenzori Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union.

Networking Event: SCAA Expo and AFCA

Target market: USA, Sweden, UK and Australia.

Interests: Looking for opportunities to network with other coffee producers and institutions.

Description: Producers of coffee and buyers of red cherry which is processed through washing stations and prepared for export

Kasese 2.94 km
+256 782 056 177+256 782 056 177

Contact person: Winnifred Namwirya, Director.
Description: Arabica coffee nursery.

Kasese 3.57 km

Contact person: Mugisha Dan. Mob: +256 776 844 654.
Description: Arabica coffee nursery.

Kasese 4.4 km

Contact person: Nyamutale Charles, Director. Mob: +256 772 470 927.
Description: Arabica coffee nursery operator

Kasese 4.66 km
+256 705 873 242+256 705 873 242

Contact: Jerald Ampumurize, Director.

Description: Deals in buying and selling of cocoa beans since 2020.

Kasese 7.99 km

Contact person: Edson Kushaba, Director. Mob: +256 779 934 133.
Description: Coffee nursery.

Kasese, Bundibugyo, Kampala 11.9 km

GPS Coordinates: 0.17272, 30.08108. Other districts: Bundibugyo, Kampala.

Contact Person: Bwambale Constantine, Director. Mob: +256 772 482 248.

Contact Person: Muhimbi Fred Kule, Administrative Cashier. Mob: +256 787 504 388. Email:

Established in: 1994.

Member of: Uganda Cocoa Exporters Association and Uganda Manufacturers Association.

Interest: To access international markets.

Description: Buyers and exporters of cocoa, coffee, rice and papain

Profile video:

Contact Person: Baluku Paineto, Managing Director.

Established: 1999.

Description: BJCU produces, processes and exports organic fully washed Arabica coffee from Rwenzori mountains. Its coffee is branded as “Owemba” which is grown at elevation of 1,400 to 2,200 meters above the sea level. The cooperative consists of over 5,500 members who grow and mill fair trade organic certified washed Arabica coffee. It consists of certifications provided by FLO, EU and NOP Organic. It processes coffee through micro-washing stations and dry it on raised beds under cover. The coffee harvest season is September to December for main season and from February to May for fly harvests. Its annual production is about 15 to 22 containers.

GPS Coordinates: 0.18882, 30.09361.

Twitter: @kiimafoods.

Facebook: @kiimafoods.

Contact Person: Baita Francis, Director. Mob: +256 772 382 498. Email:

Contact Person: Muhindo Edith, Deputy Director. Mob: +256 774 802 690. Email:

Contact Person: Thembo Charles, NBS Field Project Officer. Mob: +256 783 907 115.

Founded: 1995.

Partners: NOGAMU, KRC and SATNET.

Current projects (2022): 5-year MoU  with Kasese District Local Government in monitoring the activities implemented in the district; InnovateUK for minigrid solar panel project; WWF- nature based solutions project.

Interest: Network with local and international stakeholders, donors, partners and collaborators.

Description: Support organized registered primary cooperatives to grow into unions within coffee, maize and beans.

Bukonzo Organic Farmers Cooperative Union.png

Email: Contact Person: Jacinta Bwambale Kabugho.
Partners: BTC, BD, aBi Development Ltd, Lutheran World Relief (LWR), NUCAFE, USADF, PURPROJET, AGRITERRA and Kiima Foods among others. Description: BOCU is a union composed of 13 primary cooperatives founded in 2009. It consists of 2,552 farmers who produce certified fair trade organic specialty hand-picked Arabica coffee grown from the foothills of Rwenzori mountains in western Uganda at the elevation between 1,200 and 2,000 meters. It grows SL28 and SL14 coffee varieties grown in old tectonic soil. Main harvests happen between August to November and fly crop is in March up to May. It produces 15 containers per year through its 46 micro washing stations. It supports the local communities through beekeeping, SACCOs, energy cook stoves, passion fruits e.t.c

Kitagwenda 39.31 km

Contact person: Nanukunda Doreen, Director. Mob: +256 774 286 306.
Description: Arabica coffee nursery

Bunyangabu 47.82 km
+256 772 900 292+256 772 900 292

Contact person: Mugabi Christopher, Nursery Owner.
Description: Arabica and clonal coffee nursery.

Bunyangabu 50.65 km

Contact Person: Kaggwa R., Managing Director. Mob: +256 772 628 966.
Contact Person: Father Christopher Nuwahereza. Mob: +256 773 786 170.
Description: Arabica coffee nursery.

Bunyangabu 52.93 km

Contact Person: Robert Kavuma and Phoebe Kisibo.
Established in: 2017. Description: Coffee farmers.

Bunyangabu 55.99 km
+256 702 470 569, +256 772 470 569.+256 702 470 569, +256 772 470 569.

Contact Person: Kenneth Kyamulesire, Farm Owner.

Description: Farmer that grows 5 acres of Robusta coffee.

Ibanda 57.78 km

Contact person: Robert Nuwagaba, Director. Mob: +256 784 634 430.
Description: Arabica coffee nursery.

Buhweju 61.31 km

Contact person: Richard K., Manager operator. Mob: +256 786 905 314.
Contact person: JohnBosco Kaliisa, Director. Mob: +256 772 658 709.
Description: Arabica coffee nursery operator.

Bundibugyo 61.48 km

Contact person: Adinas Nyakiriri, Chairperson. Mob: +256 774 031 871.
Description: Arabica coffee nursery operator.

Bundibugyo 62.2 km

Contact person: Coasta M., Chairperson. Mob: +256 782 234 401.
Description: Arabica coffee nursery operator.

Bundibugyo 62.63 km

Contact Person: Ezra Biyara, Director.

Description: Since 2015, Ezra BR Agency has been buying good quality cocoa beans from farmers and selling it to exporting companies. The agency currently supplies to African Trade Winds. It is seeking for more customers interested in locally grown cocoa.

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