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Corner House (Opposite BMIC), Bushenyi Municipality, Bushenyi.

Contact Person: Emmanuel Kweyunga, Managing Director.


Description: It raises coffee seedlings and other tree seedlings in its own nursery bed centre. The centre has the capacity of producing over 2million tree seedlings.

Bushenyi 2.48 km

GPS Coordinates: -0.55352 30.20956.

Contact Person: Emmanuel Kweyunga, Farm owner.

Description: Grows over 5 acres of coffee intercropped with bananas, beans and pumpkin.

Bushenyi 4.7 km
+256 772 683 271+256 772 683 271

GPS Coordinates: -0.54193, 30.1488.

Contact Person: Monica Kiconco, Manager. Mob: +256 772 683 271.

Contact Person: Isaac Ssemuweba, Factory owner. Mob: +256 772 846 676.

Established: 1998.

Interest: Access more coffee buyers and exporters; traders with coffee to mill.

Description: Factory offers milling services; buys Arabica and Robusta coffee from farmers and traders (Mitooma, Bushenyi, Rubirizi), mills the coffee from kiboko to clean which is sold to the exporters.

Bushenyi 4.76 km
+256 752 979 180, +256 779 425 789+256 752 979 180, +256 779 425 789

Contact Person: Owen Mugabe. Mob: +256 752 979 180, +256 779 425 789.

Contact Person: Samuel. Mob: +256 705 628 532.

Description: Coffee millers and traders.

Bushenyi 4.76 km
+256 782 959 769, +256 702 959 769, +256 392944890+256 782 959 769, +256 702 959 769, +256 392944890

GPS Coordinates: -0.54284, 30.14831.

Contact Person: Abel Bangumya, Managing Director.

Description: Coffee processors and buyers

Bushenyi 4.77 km

GPS Coordinates: -0.54164, 30.14822.

Contact Person: Bahati Yassin, Director.

Contact Person: Matovu Hussein, Manager. Mob: +256 784 421 717, +256 757 050 995. Email:

Established in: 2018.

Interest: connect with more exporters.

Description: buys and bulks Robusta and Arabic coffee from farmers and traders, mills coffee and sells it to buyers who are exporters.

Bushenyi 4.77 km
+256 771 902 754+256 771 902 754

GPS Coordinates: -0.54222, 30.14817.

Contact Person: Baguma. Mob: +256 771 902 754.

Established in: 1999.

Description: Factory buys Arabica and Robusta coffee from small millers in the villages and the traders, mills

Bushenyi 4.78 km
+256 485 421 222+256 485 421 222

GPS Coordinates: -0.54303, 30.14819.

Contact Person: Arinaitwe Denis, manager, Ishaka. Mob: +256 772 199 362.

Contact Person: Misege David, Supervisor. Mob: +256 782 411 518.

Established in: 1999.

Description: Buys Robusta and Arabica coffee from farmers and traders, mills and sell buyers and exporters.

Bushenyi 4.84 km
+256 772 846 676+256 772 846 676

GPS Coordinates: -0.54225, 30.14754.

Contact Person: Monica Kiconco, Manager. Mob: +256 772 683 271.

Contact Person: Isaac Ssemuweba, Factory owner. Mob: +256 772 846 676.

Established: 1998.

Interest: Access more coffee buyers and exporters; traders with coffee to mill.

Description: Factory offers milling services; buys Arabica and Robusta coffee from farmers and traders (Mitooma, Bushenyi, Rubirizi), mills the coffee from kiboko to clean which is sold to the exporters.

Bushenyi 4.87 km
+256 704 438 146, +256 788 731 705+256 704 438 146, +256 788 731 705

GPS Coordinates: -0.54262, 30.14736.

Contact Person: Ashaba Umar, Chairman. Mob: +256 704 438 146, +256 788 731 705.

Contact Person: Sarah Nisiima, Manager.

Description: Buys, mills and sells Arabica and Robusta coffee from farmers and traders to exporters


Contact Person: Tumukunde Frandan, Director. Mob: +256 758 411 879, +256 776 054 844. Email:

Contact Person: Aggrey Tumuheirwe, Operations. Email: Mob: +256 758 954 500.

Contact Person: Cathy. Mob: +256 787 180 304.

Contact Person: William K. Mob: +256 772 970 334.

Description: The company supports roasters to find the right coffee for any quality or budget, micro-lot to macro-lot. It works with six cooperatives in western Uganda consisting of over 1,000 farmers. Farmers are provided with beehives and education services as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Improving Living Wage & Living Income of a Coffee Farmer!
Our story begins with a passion for coffee farming that goes back over 30 years, in Sheema-Uganda. KANGUMAMU AGRO is one of the leading coffee companies in Uganda whose business spans from farming, collecting coffee from farmers, processing until it’s in the cup. At Kangumamu, we source and grow our coffee from the best coffee producing regions in the country such as Mbarara, Kasese, Busoga among others
Our brand is backed by a long family tradition in coffee growing, processing and export that stretches back to 1994, Kangumamu Agro is also one of Uganda’s number one Coffee beans exporter to the world.
Coffee being the third most consumed beverage in the world after water and tea, Kangumamu creates a unique flavor with distinct characteristics for each blend, bringing quality and taste to every drink.
KANGUMAMU AGRO’s strengths are its expertise in coffee and its commitment to people in our community. Our farmers around Uganda produce the best coffee; we understand the market, and make decisions to bring the best combination of quality and price to our customers.
We actively seek out and promote talent, and interact with coffee buyers and suppliers at every level of the supply chain.
By creating great products and brands, we add value to our farmer’s coffee and strive to pay our farmers the best possible coffee prices so their gardens can flourish while improving both living income and living wage
Sheema 22.36 km

Contact person: Lydia. Mob: +256 774 966 341.
Description: Robusta coffee nursery.

GPS Coordinates (Sheema): -0.58168, 30.38865.

Description: It is owned by Ankole Coffee Producers Cooperative Union Ltd and certified by UCDA. It consists of different varieties such as: Robusta elite, Coffee wilt resistant varieties/clones and shade trees.

Ankole Coffee Producers Cooperative Union Limited.png

GPS Coordinates (Sheema): -0.58168, 30.38865.
Collection Centre (Ishaka): -0.54254, 30.14845.

Profile Videos:

Contact Person: John Nuwagaba, Managing Director. Mob: +256 772 000 000.

Contact Person: Stanley Maniragaba, Operations Manager. Email:

Certifications: Fairtrade, USDA Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Carbon Neutral.

Standardization: ISO, HACCP.

Awards: Best of the Pearl Robust 2021, Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies in Uganda 2015/2016, Best Special Category 2018/2019.

Membership: Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA), Uganda Cooperative Alliance (UCA), Uganda Coffee Federation (UCF), Uganda Fairtrade Network (UFN).

Participate in Networking Events: African Fines Coffee Association Expo (AFCA), Specialty Coffee of Europe, BIOFACH trade fair
for organics food and Specialty Coffee Expo organized by Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) among other events.

Target market: Europe, Japan and North America.

Partners: aBi Development Ltd, United States African Development Foundation (USADF) and Rabobank.

Established in: 2006.

Description: ACPCU is a farmer-owned coffee cooperative union consisting of 20 primary cooperatives and over 8,200 members. It deals in coffee extension, procurement, processing and export of green beans. It is a certified fair trade exporter of specialty organic coffee. The cooperative was certified by CERES GmbH for processing and exporting coffee. It exports some of its coffee to Germany among other countries. It deals in both Arabica and Robusta coffee grown in South Western Uganda within areas of Bushenyi, Sheema, Ntungamo, Ibanda, Rubirizi and Mbarara. ACPCU has a capacity of selling over 200 containers annually. It runs a coffee nursery project to supply quality coffee seedlings to its farmers. ACPCU does different corporate social responsibility activities within the communities in health, finance, education, environment, energy and organic farming.

Buhweju 25.49 km

Contact person: Richard K., Manager operator. Mob: +256 786 905 314.
Contact person: JohnBosco Kaliisa, Director. Mob: +256 772 658 709.
Description: Arabica coffee nursery operator.

Rukungiri 36.49 km

Contact Person: Ben Kukundakwe, Deputy Director. Mob: +256 786 871 076.
Description: Arabica coffee nursery.

Ntungamo 37.12 km

Contact Person: Seith Mpamize, Chairperson. Mob: +256 774 682 630. Email:

Contact Person: Penina Twebirwe, Treasurer. Mob: +256 782 907 969.

Contact Person: Baalde Bernard, Secretary. Mob: +256 773 562 096.

Established: 2019.

Membership: Ntungamo Coffee Growers Cooperative Union.

Description: It deals in sensitization of farmers on good agriculture practices, bulking of coffee and collective bargaining of coffee after hulling.

Ntungamo 38.25 km

Contact Person: Evas Atuhwera, Sales Agronomist.

Description: Coffee seedlings supply, agro-inputs supply, consultancy for organic certification, farmer training, business linkage services and farm clinics/plant doctor services.

Rukungiri 38.31 km
+256 781 712 244+256 781 712 244

Contact person: Tusiime Rosette.
Description: Arabica coffee nursery.

Rukungiri 40.02 km
+256 781 785 315+256 781 785 315

Description: Arabica coffee nursery.

Mbarara 43.75 km
+256 776 301 170+256 776 301 170

Contact person: Richard Twebaze, Director.

Description: Arabica coffee nursery, coffee grower and cocoa farmer.

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