Contact: Neumann Kaffee Gruppe.

Description: Coffee processors and exporters.


Contact Person: Charles K. Kato, Regional Representative.
Mob: +256 772 918 282.

Description: official partners for Delta Technology Corporation- USA that deals in color sorting equipment for coffee, rice, cereals, sim sim, seeds, nuts, pulses e.t.c. and Kaeser-Germany that supplies air compressors.

Kampala 0.71 km
+256 414 252 541+256 414 252 541

Description: coffee processors and exporters

Kampala 0.77 km
+256 772 421 669, +256 703 700 701+256 772 421 669, +256 703 700 701

Contact Person: Anold Ananura.

GPS Coordinates: 0.3216, 32.61279.

Established: 2019.

Description: Deals in manufacturing calcium carbonate powder which is used in making fertilizers, soil sweeteners and dolomitic agricultural lime for green healthier coffee plants.

GPS Coordinates: 0.32138, 32.61264.

Contact Person: Samson Emong, Operations Manager. Mob: +256 788 703 915. Email:

Description: supports the identification of national coffee sector strategies and their implementation along with the major coffee stakeholders.

2.Balton Uganda.png

Balton distributes and sells agrochemicals (fertilizer foliar nutrients, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides); irrigation kits and knapsack sprayers.

1.BrazAfric Enterprises.png

GPS Coordinates: 0.31637, 32.61733.

Contact Person: Peter Zzabasajja, Head Machinery Sales.

Mob: +256 772 602 273. Email:

Contact Person: Okuyo Nel Hillel, Technical Sales.

Mob: +256 773 087 252. Email:

Offices in: Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Uganda.

Description: BrazAfric was established in 1996. It is one of the largest suppliers of coffee processing equipment within Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania from primary processing to drying, milling, color sorting, roasting and packaging. Equipment include: portable coffee moisture testers; shade nets for coffee nurseries; manual sprayers; shears and saws for pruning coffee; machetes; digital weighing scales; weighing bridges; semi-automatic scales; irrigation systems; spittoons for coffee cup testing; sample trays, spoon, sieve, cups for coffee samples in laboratory; coffee sample huller; coffee sample grinder; coffee sample roaster; bag stitching machine with conveyer; and electronic color sorters for detecting defective coffee beans among other equipment. BrazAfric also runs coffee related projects to solve clients’ problems.

Contact Person: Andrew Wakabi, Business Development. Mob: +256 756 232 529. Email:
Description: clearing & forwarding.

Kampala 1.59 km

Description: supports coffee and cocoa value chain farmers in Uganda in partnership with Rwenzori Farmers’ Cooperative Union (RFCU).

Deals in coffee, packaging materials, jute gunny bags, laboratory equipment, bag closing machine and accessory, moisture meter e.t.c

Kampala 1.82 km

GPS Coordinates: 0.31479, 32.59103.

Contact Person: Joseph Nkandu, Executive Director. Mob: +256 772 595 030. Email:

Contact Person: Nuwagaba Deus, Deputy Executive Director and Operations Management. Mob: +256 774 300 628, +256 706 717 260. Email:

Description: NUCAFE is an umbrella national coffee farmers’ organization founded in 2003 as a successor of the Uganda Coffee Farmer’s Association (UCFA). NUCAFE has grown and evolved as a vibrant private sector led farmer organization formed to serve and position farmers well in the liberalized coffee value chain in Uganda

Kampala 1.83 km

Contact Person: Ysakor Hailesselassie Hailu, Country Representative. Mob: +256 756 080 402. Email:

Contact Person: Jasper Spikker, Regional Manager. Email:

Established: in 1997 by the Dutch farmer organizations like ZLTO, LTO, NCR among others.

Partners: Uganda Cooperative Alliance (UCA) and Ministry of Trade Industry and Cooperatives (MTIC).

Networking events: Harvest Money Expo.

Target market: Cooperatives

Interest: To network with development partners

Description: Agriterra is an Agri agency that provides high quality hands-on advice, training and exchange services to cooperatives and farmer organizations with an aim to improve the socio-economic conditions of the people in the rural areas.

Kampala 2.01 km

Description: aBi finance various activities along the coffee value chain in Uganda

Kampala City - Uganda 2.18 km

KiM Coffee Roasters Uganda is a registered High – Value Specialty & Exceptional Coffee Distributors & Roasters of Both Arabica and Robusta Coffee varieties in Uganda – East Africa, Established out of curiosity by the Directors to research More abt the Possible Pros/cons of consuming Coffee with a Focus not only on the flavor attributes & texture of the drink but basically on the potential Beneficial effects of Coffee on Human Health.

Contact Person: Mugenyi Musenze Robert, Ssenkulu (C.E.O). Mob: +256 752 612 516.

Contact Person: Sarah Nansubuga, Finance and Administration Officer. Mob: +256 703 642 480.

Twitter: @bucadef

Facebook: @bucadef


Product Brand: Emmwanyi Yaffe

Established in: 1997

Membership: Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU), Uganda Small and Medium Enterprises Association (USSMEA), Uganda Association
of Private Vocational Institutions (UGAPRIVI) and Uganda Larges Scale Farmers Association (ULFA) among others.

Partnership with: Ministry of Water and Environment, Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industries and Fisheries and Private Sector Foundation Uganda.

Networking Events: Uganda Coffee Day, Uganda Coffee Breakfasts, National Coffee Steering Committees and Uganda Trade Portal Development.

Interests: Access global market and increase visibility of the locally produced coffee and cocoa in Uganda.

Description: Through the Mmwanyi Terimba Programme, BUCADEF has been able to increase coffee production in the 26 Buganda Region Districts to 35% in 7 years. Cocoa has not been vibrant, however, now that the cocoa sector is getting amalgamated with UCDA, BUCADEF is also strategizing to get the cocoa producers publicized. BUCADEF is collaborating with selected Kiboko mills to bulk and process organized farmers’ coffee for value addition. BUCADEF is also into specialty coffee market, currently BUCADEF has groups of farmers wet-processing their coffee to meet the demands of specialty coffee market. The coffee that BUCADEF collects from the farmers is graded and marketed for its quantity and quality. BUCADEF has also ventured into roasting and has introduced Emmwanyi Yaffe coffee brand on the market to meet the growing demand of roast and ground coffee as well as to promote domestic coffee consumption.

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