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Elgon Roast are the producers of the best locally roasted and ground Arabica coffee in Uganda. Our products are certified for quality by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), and include 15g sachets, 50g and 150g bags. Quantities beyond that are made on special order. We also provide roasting services.

GPS Coordinates: 0.34868, 32.68928.
Office Branch: Kabanyolo, Gayaza, Wakiso.
Email: curad.curad@gmail.com.

Contact Person: Apollo Ssegawa, Managing Director. Mob: +256 787 984 028. Email: asegawa@curadincubator.org

Description: CURAD hosts incubates who are involved in processing and roasting of the locally produced coffee.

Contact: Volcafe Group.

Certifications: Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, 4C Association, IQNet Management system, ISO 9001:2008 e.t.c.

Description: Coffee processor and exporter. It is a member of Volcafe coffee group.

GPS Coordinates: 0.34941, 32.68284.

Contact: Volcafe Group (Kyagalanyi Coffee).

Certifications: Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, 4C Association, IQNet Management system, ISO 9001:2008 e.t.c.

Description: Coffee processor and exporter. It is a member of Volcafe coffee group.

Wakiso 6.06 km

GPS Coordinates: 0.3504, 32.6641.

Contact Person: Sabiiti Bernard, Director.

Contact Person: Triumph Nimbareeba, Exports Manager and Logistics. Mob: +256 774 850 847, +256 704 300 697. Email: triumphbesmarkcoffee@gmail.com.

Description: Coffee processor and exporter

Mukono 10.65 km
+256 787 168 395, +256 704 396 803+256 787 168 395, +256 704 396 803

GPS Coordinates: 0.31163, 32.77396.

Description: It is a coffee and tree nursery consisting of coffee cuttings and clones (KR1-KR10), cocoa seedlings, Eucalyptus and other fruit seedlings.

Contact Person: Telis Nicolaides, Managing Director. Email: andreas@greatlakescoffee.co.ug.

Description: Coffee processor and exporter

1.BrazAfric Enterprises.png

GPS Coordinates: 0.31637, 32.61733.

Contact Person: Peter Zzabasajja, Head Machinery Sales.

Mob: +256 772 602 273. Email: rbtayume@gmail.com.

Contact Person: Okuyo Nel Hillel, Technical Sales.

Mob: +256 773 087 252. Email: asdtechnical.uganda@brazafricgroup.com.

Offices in: Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Uganda.

Description: BrazAfric was established in 1996. It is one of the largest suppliers of coffee processing equipment within Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania from primary processing to drying, milling, color sorting, roasting and packaging. Equipment include: portable coffee moisture testers; shade nets for coffee nurseries; manual sprayers; shears and saws for pruning coffee; machetes; digital weighing scales; weighing bridges; semi-automatic scales; irrigation systems; spittoons for coffee cup testing; sample trays, spoon, sieve, cups for coffee samples in laboratory; coffee sample huller; coffee sample grinder; coffee sample roaster; bag stitching machine with conveyer; and electronic color sorters for detecting defective coffee beans among other equipment. BrazAfric also runs coffee related projects to solve clients’ problems.

2.Balton Uganda.png

Balton distributes and sells agrochemicals (fertilizer foliar nutrients, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides); irrigation kits and knapsack sprayers.

GPS Coordinates: 0.32138, 32.61264.

Contact Person: Samson Emong, Operations Manager. Mob: +256 788 703 915. Email: se@cafeafrica.org.

Description: supports the identification of national coffee sector strategies and their implementation along with the major coffee stakeholders.

Kampala 12.51 km
+256 772 421 669, +256 703 700 701+256 772 421 669, +256 703 700 701

Contact Person: Anold Ananura.

GPS Coordinates: 0.3216, 32.61279.

Established: 2019.

Description: Deals in manufacturing calcium carbonate powder which is used in making fertilizers, soil sweeteners and dolomitic agricultural lime for green healthier coffee plants.

Kampala 12.56 km
+256 414 252 541+256 414 252 541

Description: coffee processors and exporters

Contact: Neumann Kaffee Gruppe.

Description: Coffee processors and exporters.

Contact Person: Charles K. Kato, Regional Representative.
Mob: +256 772 918 282.

Description: official partners for Delta Technology Corporation- USA that deals in color sorting equipment for coffee, rice, cereals, sim sim, seeds, nuts, pulses e.t.c. and Kaeser-Germany that supplies air compressors.

Description: Coffee and cocoa processors and exporters.

Mukono 14.21 km

GPS Coordinates: 0.25744, 32.79181.

Contact Person: Arinaitwe Geoffrey, Director. Mob: +256 782 278 389. Email: directornacori@gmail.com.

Contact Person: Chemutai Job, Cocoa. Mob: +256 787 168 395, +256 704 396 803.

Contact Person: Dr. Kagezi Godfrey, Coffee. Mob: +256 776 182 788, +256 704 182 788.

Description: NACORI develops coffee tissue plantlets which are being supplied to UCDA that latr distributes them to different certified nursery operators across the country.

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