Republic Street (opposite Stanbic Bank), Mbale City, Mbale

Head office: Kampala.

Description: Endiro Coffee is a café that serves coffee grown by local farmers such as Bukalasi cooperative in Bududa. It also exports coffee.

Mbale 0.18 km
+256 702 785 833+256 702 785 833
+256 782 785 833+256 782 785 833

GPS Coordinates: 1.07416, 34.18103.

Contact Person: Gibez Yunusu, Chairperson.

Description: Coffee growers, processors and exporters

Contact Person: Kenneth Barigye, Managing Director. Email:

Contact Person: Nico Herr, Coffee Quality and Marketing Manager.


Established in: 2017.

Certifications: USDA Organic

Awards: Best of the Pearl Winners in Natural, Honey and Washed years 2021 and 2022

Membership: Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), International Women’s Coffee Association (IWCA), African Fines Coffees Association (AFCA) and Uganda Coffee Federation (UCF).

Participate in Networking Events: SCA Expo, World of Coffee, Roasters Guild Retreat and Golden Bean among other events.

Target market: Specialty coffee buyers interested in intriguing coffee profiles that have impact.

Description: Our vision is bold and so is our approach. Mountain Harvest is driven by the belief that what tastes best in your cup can and should provide a living income for farmers and be sustainable for the environment. To achieve this, we must deliver quality coffee for quality impact. High on the slopes of Uganda’s fertile mountains, Mountain Harvest is working side-by-side with farmers to produce the country’s best Arabica coffee “coffee that not only tastes great, but fuels a higher quality of life for farmers, their families, and the soil beneath their feet”. Mountain Harvest buys coffee from farmer cooperatives for export purposes.

Mbale 0.86 km

Contact Person: Jesse Wasolo.

Description: The firm initiated in 2020 and it offers ecological soil and plant solutions especially to coffee farmers. It is interested in networking and partnership to widen its market beyond eastern Uganda.

Mbale 3.66 km

GPS Coordinates: 1.07834, 34.14864.

Contact Person: Babra Wasagali, General Manager. Mob: +256 756 644 454, +256 782 644 454. Email:

Contact Person: Nandala Mafabi (Hon.), Board Chairman. Email:

Established: 1954.

Target market: International buyers, exporters, Spain and Netherlands e.t.c.

Membership: Uganda Cooperative Alliance.

Product brand: Elgon Pride

Description: It is a tertiary cooperative which deals in processing and exporting Bugisu Arabica washed Coffee. Coffee grows at altitude of 2,500 to 5,000ft above the sea level.

Mbale 8.06 km

Contact Person: S.M. Wekomba.

Description: coffee processor and exporter.

Contact Person: Alfred Wonyaka (Rev.), Founder.
Established in: 2009. Interest in: coffee buyers and development partners. Description: A group of smallholder and grassroots farmers that grow Arabic coffee.

Bulambuli 10.95 km

Contact Person: Orisa Raphael Jawino, Managing Director.

Description: Joris supports small holder farmers to grow coffee and cocoa. It offers farmers seedlings, linkage to markers, extension services and finance support. The company aims at adding value to the produce and access UAE and European markets.

Manafwa 16.85 km
+256 772 384 299+256 772 384 299

Contact person: Nabukobe Robinah Catherine, Director.
Description: Arabica coffee nursery.

Bududa 18.79 km
+256 778 097 293, +256 751 533 313.+256 778 097 293, +256 751 533 313.

GPS Coordinates: 1.05342, 34.34892. Contact Person: Samuel Wakinya, Chairperson. Mob: +256 778 097 293, +256 751 533 313. Email:

Contact Person: Wamboka Abner Shadrach. Mob: +256 779 329 517.

Founded in: May, 2010 by ten primary cooperatives.

Certification: Fairtrade. Partners: Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) and United States African Development Foundation (USADF).

Interest: networking with other coffee stakeholders for better markets.

Description: Bushika is on the secondary level cooperative of farmers growing Arabic coffee in the highland on the slopes of Mt. Elgon at 1,500 to 2000 meters above sea level. Its coffee has a cupping score of 80 to 86. They produce different coffee varieties (SL 14 and SL 25).

Screenshot 2022-08-10 at 14.00.58.png

We aim to supply high-quality 100% Bugisu Washed Arabica Coffee products that come from our family farm and small neighborhood out growers where we guarantee high-quality Arabica coffee beans.

We are a young and growing company with a big vision to market our brand on both the local and international markets.

Twitter: @machericoffee

Manafwa 22.69 km

Contact person: Rev. Robert Busiku, Chairperson. Mob: +256 775 489 251.
Description: Arabica coffee Nursery Operator

24.37 km

Contact person: Samuel Obulaka, Chairperson. Mob: +256 772 512 051.
Description: Arabica coffee nursery operator.

Bududa 27.15 km

GPS Coordinates: 1.0111, 34.41734.
Contact Person: Muyama Florence Wakooba, Chairperson.
Established: 2003. Description: A legally registered CBO farmer cooperative that grows Arabic coffee consisting of 250 member farmers. It currently sells most of its coffee to Endiro Coffee which supports them with trainings and equipment.

Kapchorwa 37.7 km

Contact person: Jonathan Siwa, Chairperson. Mob: +256 753 663 794.
Description: Arabica Coffee Nursery Operator

Tororo 41.52 km

GPS Coordinates: 0.69915, 34.18202.

Contact Person: Bukawa Wanaguttu Kassim Jr.

Founded in: 1986.

Awards: Gold Star Award from Chicago in U.S.A. in 2006 and Packaging of the Year 2006 in London.

Partners: Seniors without Borders (Denmark)

Membership: Uganda Manufacturer Association.

Description: Elgonia Coffee was the first coffee roasting company in Uganda in 1986. It processes and exports Arabic and Robusta coffee. It has the following brands: Elgonia Coffee House (Elgonia Superior Blend; Elgonia Dark Chocolate; Elgonia Soft Cream Caramel; Elgonia House Blend; Elgonia Vanilla; Elgonia Black Gold); Elgonia Kisubi Tea. It partnered with OneCafe International to form Elgonia OneCafe International Limited.

Tororo 44.47 km

Contact Person: Orisa Raphael Jawino, Managing Director.

Description: Manages nurseries for Robusta coffee and supplies seedlings to farmers in addition to other agricultural inputs and extension services.

Bukwo 66.77 km

Contact person: Moses N., Chairperson. Mob: +256 787 172 717.
Description: Arabica coffee nursery.

Busia 67.12 km
+256 777 131 280, +256 757 535 377+256 777 131 280, +256 757 535 377

Contact Person: Mukama Mustafa Yahaya, Manager.

Established in: 2013.

Target market: Produce buyers with cash and can afford to pay in advance.

Interest: To connect with customers and boost sales of the business.

Description: Buys, mills and sells Robusta and Arabic coffee, rice, maize and poultry feeds. Coffee husks are sold to Kenya.

Busia 70.99 km
+256 779 273 038, +256 751 953 183+256 779 273 038, +256 751 953 183

Contact Person: Wafula Charles Yoramu, Farmer.

Established: 2000. Language: Luganda and Lusyamya. Description: Grows Robusta and Arabica coffee farming in about 2 acres. He sells his coffee to local field buyers that take it to milling factories in Nankoma, Bugiri.

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