Plot 3, Vanilla Road, Bundibugyo Town Council, Bundibugyo. GPS Coordinates: 0.70926, 30.0636.
+256 782 700 010+256 782 700 010

Contact Person: Project Manager. Mob: +256 782 700 010.

Contact Person: Claire Mbambu, Administrator. Mob: +256 774 138 451.

Description: The aim of this project is to develop a vibrant and sustainable cocoa value chain in Bundibugyo district. It is a partnership between the Government of Uganda and the European Union through MARKUP initiative focused at addressing obstacles and challenges experienced in the cocoa value chain in relation to reduced production and productivity, harvest and post-harvest losses, market access and diversification into higher export markets for smallholders. The project will enhance market access to EU and other Africa Caribbean and Pacific countries by supporting private operators in the cocoa value chains to improve quality and quantity of the produce and retain premium prices for the same through niche export markets.

Bundibugyo 0.34 km

Contact Person: Maniraguha Emmanuel, Chairman. Mob: +256 752 439 245.

Bundibugyo 0.88 km

Contact Person: Muhindo Raunale, Director. Mob: +256 778 364 033. Email:

Contact Person: Geoffrey Baluku, Assistant Manager. Mob: +256 778 267 472.

Established in: 2019.

Description: Traders (buys and sells) dry cocoa beans. The company buys cocoa beans, dries it and ferments it and then sells it to local buyers that have large stores. Farmers are paid depending on the sunshine type (1, 2 and 3). It also deals in vanilla.

Bundibugyo 0.89 km

Description: Buyers and sellers of cocoa and vanilla.

Contact Person: Nick Moss, Operations Manager. Mob: +256 752 755 069. Email:

Contact Person: Nick Francis. Mob: +256 772 855 266.

Established in: 1955 (but closed and crossed to DRC) and resumed in Uganda in 1970s.

Certifications: Fairtrade, EOS and NOP

Target market: UK and USA.

Interest: To increase visibility locally and internationally among the cocoa stakeholders and be part strong partners for the government as Uganda establishes policies for the sub-sector.

Description: Buyers and exporters of cocoa, moringa, vanilla and chillies.

Bundibugyo 1.37 km
+256 392 548 920, +256 705 311 585+256 392 548 920, +256 705 311 585

GPS Coordinates: 0.70358, 30.07451.

Contact Person: Bakulirahe Yokonia, Director. Mob: +256 392 548 920, +256 705 311 585. Email:

Contact Person: Sheraton Bwabale, Manager. Mob: +256 783 002 666.

Established in: 2002.

Membership: Uganda Cocoa Development Association.

Partnership: Value Chain Cocoa Project (Lead Implementing Partner in Bundibugyo).

Target: Cocoa Exporters and Processors.

Description: It deals in buying cocoa beans from farmers in any quantities, sun dries it to the acceptable moisture content and sells it to the exporters.

Description: exports organic/Utz certified cocoa produced by over 5,000 smallholder producers.

Description: ICAM owns a centre in Bundibugyo for cocoa collection, according to the most modern processing technique standards. It supports farmers with training in the latest farming know-how. Cocoa beans are processed to produce craft chocolates which are consumed locally and exported.

Bundibugyo 3.01 km

Contact Person: Maniraguha Emmanuel, Managing Director. Mob: +256 772 439 245, +256 752 439 245.

Membership: Uganda Cocoa Development Association.

Target market: Cocoa exporters.

Interest: To network with other cocoa stakeholders and establish a cocoa association across the country.

Description: Buys cocoa beans from farmers and field traders, dry them, grade, ferment, sort (primary processing) and sell to large international buyers and exporters

Bundibugyo 3.19 km

Contact person: Robert Nuwagaba, Director. Mob: +256 784 634 430.
Description: Arabica coffee nursery.

Bundibugyo 4.31 km
+256 782 358 052+256 782 358 052
+256 785 125 303+256 785 125 303

Contact Person: Bwambale Costa. Mob: +256 785 125 303.
Contact person: Sibayirwa Milton, Coordinator.Mob: +256 782 358 052.
Description: coffee growers.

Bundibugyo 5.21 km

Contact Person: Ezra Biyara, Director.

Description: Since 2015, Ezra BR Agency has been buying good quality cocoa beans from farmers and selling it to exporting companies. The agency currently supplies to African Trade Winds. It is seeking for more customers interested in locally grown cocoa.

Bundibugyo 5.42 km

We are a dynamic primary agricultural cooperative owned by its cacao producer members, who are parents of Bundikakemba Primary School. Bundikakemba was formed with the primary aim of creating opportunities for changing the livelihoods of its members to be able to send their children to school, stay in school, and complete school. Since BGCSL was founded from the old Bundikakemba Farmers Association in 2014 and has since created a strong and well-managed organisation that serves as a focal point for our farmers and the wider community. We always work hard to build strong, trusting relationships with our members, our business partners, and our stakeholders and we work together to the advantage of our land and people. 825 (Female =454 Male = 371) smallholder farmers have joined BGCSL and farm approximately 875 Hectares of cocoa as the most important cash crop with an annual production capacity of 683 MT and of which 257MT is Fairtrade and Organic certified. Our Vision An economically empowered Society. Our Mission is to, involve members of the cooperative in productive economic activities for a poverty-free community. We do this by Equipping members with skills in Good Agricultural management Practices, Improving the economic status of members and the community through ethical trade, and Being a leading exporter of the best quality specialty cocoa. While sourcing for competitive markets for members produce. and Supporting the members’ Children Education Fund.

Bundibugyo 5.81 km

Contact person: Coasta M., Chairperson. Mob: +256 782 234 401.
Description: Arabica coffee nursery operator.

Bundibugyo 6.51 km

Contact person: Adinas Nyakiriri, Chairperson. Mob: +256 774 031 871.
Description: Arabica coffee nursery operator.

Kabarole 20.61 km
+256 777 291 590+256 777 291 590

Contact Person: Baseka Boniface. Mob: +256 777 291 590, +256 792 687 543.
Contact Person: Basisa J, Chairperson. Mob: +256 705 214 095.
Description: Coffee producers

Bunyangabu 26.92 km

Contact Person: Kaggwa R., Managing Director. Mob: +256 772 628 966.
Contact Person: Father Christopher Nuwahereza. Mob: +256 773 786 170.
Description: Arabica coffee nursery.

Bunyangabu 27.49 km
+256 772 900 292+256 772 900 292

Contact person: Mugabi Christopher, Nursery Owner.
Description: Arabica and clonal coffee nursery.

Bunyangabu 30.92 km
+256 702 470 569, +256 772 470 569.+256 702 470 569, +256 772 470 569.

Contact Person: Kenneth Kyamulesire, Farm Owner.

Description: Farmer that grows 5 acres of Robusta coffee.

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